Posts made in September, 2015

Insurance Friction: Are you frustrating your clients?

on Sep 21, 2015

Iā€™m fascinated by the idea of friction. Not in the standard definition: the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, and material elements sliding against each other ā€“ but in the technology definition. In technology, friction is hassle. It is the unnecessary and tedious steps between you and your desired outcome.   A great article on...

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Why Going Mobile Will Help Your Brokerage In More Ways Than You Think

on Sep 14, 2015

We are living in the age of digital relevance. Academics, economists, marketers and so on, are scrambling to understand how to navigate in our vastly evolving digital landscape. Some important questions about consumer behaviour have been raised such as: How are people communicating? How do consumers shop? How do people take in information? As you may already know,...

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