Posts made in October, 2015

The Broker Rift: Are We Actually Educating Our Clients?

on Oct 19, 2015

As brokers, we pride ourselves on the value we offer clients in the form of knowledge and advice. Our job is to work with the client, find them the right policy to suit their needs, and educate them about that policy. They should be comfortable with their purchase, their decision, and understand what coverage they have and how it applies in the event of a claim....

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Millennials Don’t Wear Watches

on Oct 13, 2015

An interesting fact that I heard the other day was that millennials don’t wear watches. Why would they? They always have their phones with them which show the time, can set alarms and timers, have stopwatch functions and anything else you’d want them to do. Although, I’m sure it’s a generalization (as I’m sure SOME millennials wear a watch), it makes sense....

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The Rise and Fall of Internet Explorer

on Oct 6, 2015

  Internet explorer had its heyday in our rapidly evolving internet history, but it’s time to put it to rest and move on. Internet Explorer is like that old Chevy you keep in the garage for sentimental reasons. It was your first car, it took you to where you wanted to go, but it’s now unreliable and liable to breakdown at any moment. Compared to Chrome and...

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