Why Self Service Tools Should be your Brokerage’s Next Purchase

on Apr 12, 2016

Of course I’m biased here because I work (and sell) for a company that offers self-service tools for the broker channel, but I do actually think it makes sense – a self-service tool for your brokerage is of utmost importance and it should be a top priority in your strategy. In relation to other “digital” spends, here’s why self-service should be number one:  ...

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Stop trying to fill a cup with holes in it…

on Mar 23, 2016

…start “wowing” your clients Times are changing, fast, and brokerages across Canada are trying to catch up to the digital standards of today.  Most brokerages are focusing on new client acquisition through website re-designs and an overhaul of internal structures such as phone systems and quote response times. The focus on new client business is...

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Google Compare shuts down – now what?

on Mar 2, 2016

    Scrolling through my LinkedIn feed last week I noticed a reoccurring headline – “Google to Shut Down Online Insurance Site.” It seems many in the insurance broker community are passing it around and I can’t help but feel it is coming from a sense of pride. The all and mighty Google failed in our industry. They failed to disrupt. They failed and we win....

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Going Digital Part 2: The Value of Social Media

on Dec 4, 2015

      Social media is one of the most inexpensive yet powerful tools to increase traffic to your site and to spread brand awareness and community engagement. Social Media is not only for following what the latest happenings are with your friends and family: if used correctly, social media can be one of the main driving forces to your site. Whether...

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Going Digital Part 1: How to construct a digital plan

on Nov 24, 2015

Transforming your brokerage’s practices for today’s digital market does not have to be daunting or expensive. In fact, going digital can be a fun and exciting time as you travel on the road to new possibilities and insights. Your brokerage, employees and clients will greatly benefit from a well devised and executed digital plan of action. We’re not implying that...

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Millennials Don’t Wear Watches

on Oct 13, 2015

An interesting fact that I heard the other day was that millennials don’t wear watches. Why would they? They always have their phones with them which show the time, can set alarms and timers, have stopwatch functions and anything else you’d want them to do. Although, I’m sure it’s a generalization (as I’m sure SOME millennials wear a watch), it makes sense....

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