Going Digital Part 3: Web Design is the Architecture for your Digital Success

on Feb 10, 2016

As more and more small businesses and retailers develop their online presence through search engine optimization (SEO) and beautifully constructed websites, the competition to be seen, noticed and visited in this massive abyss of information overload can seem rather daunting and almost impossible. Truth is, it really isn’t that bad, not if you have a focused and...

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Going Digital Part 2: The Value of Social Media

on Dec 4, 2015

      Social media is one of the most inexpensive yet powerful tools to increase traffic to your site and to spread brand awareness and community engagement. Social Media is not only for following what the latest happenings are with your friends and family: if used correctly, social media can be one of the main driving forces to your site. Whether...

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How Disruptive Innovation Creates New Consumer Behaviour

on Nov 9, 2015

Innovation, by its very definition, is the act or process of creating change, new ideas, and transforming the normative practice. Innovation has even altered our social behaviour by shifting how we interact with each other and the world. These technological breakthroughs, have, in the past few years, necessitated the term, disruptive innovation. Created by Clayton...

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The Broker Rift: Are We Actually Educating Our Clients?

on Oct 19, 2015

As brokers, we pride ourselves on the value we offer clients in the form of knowledge and advice. Our job is to work with the client, find them the right policy to suit their needs, and educate them about that policy. They should be comfortable with their purchase, their decision, and understand what coverage they have and how it applies in the event of a claim....

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Insurance Friction: Are you frustrating your clients?

on Sep 21, 2015

I’m fascinated by the idea of friction. Not in the standard definition: the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, and material elements sliding against each other – but in the technology definition. In technology, friction is hassle. It is the unnecessary and tedious steps between you and your desired outcome.   A great article on...

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