Going Digital Part 2: The Value of Social Media

on Dec 4, 2015


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Social media is one of the most inexpensive yet powerful tools to increase traffic to your site and to spread brand awareness and community engagement. Social Media is not only for following what the latest happenings are with your friends and family: if used correctly, social media can be one of the main driving forces to your site. Whether you’re already using social media, or have yet to utilize social tools for your brokerage, our introductory guide will help you understand key areas that will impact your online presence.


Why Social Media?


Drive traffic to your site:

Creating and building a strong social audience means that you will  have access to a wider, broader, more diverse cross-section of potential clients. The best part is, your social community does the promoting for you. Think about it, every time you post content on Facebook, for example, anyone who comments, likes it, and shares it, will help you expand your social reach (your reach is the number of people who can see your posts). More and more people will see your brand, and the content you are sharing via social media.

Post interesting and informative blogs that link back to your website, promote new insurance products, or introduce your staff members: all of these actions will create engagement and more clicks, which leads to more traffic on your site.



We all know how important SEO is for ranking high on Google and driving leads to your site, but Google’s algorithms are encompassing a broad range of areas including social media links for assessing rank. You will not achieve the ranking results you want if you exclude social media from your digital marketing plan.


Brand Awareness

Social media is the ideal platform for promoting your brand across multiple channels. Whether it’s through Twitter conversations or Facebook posts, you can influence where the conversation is going and how people perceive your company’s image. These soft marketing techniques, overtime, subtly influence people’s buying decision when it comes time to get insurance.


Community Engagement

Social media gives you the power to change how people perceive insurance brokers. Show the human side of your brokerage; update the going-ons in your business on Twitter, post photos of staff events on Facebook,  and let people know what you and your brokerage are doing in the community. Positive brand association will impact how people perceive your company.



Keeping these key areas of influence in mind, you still need to strategize, create good content, and adjust. What may work for one brokerage, may not work for yours. Pull your monthly analytics and carefully note which posts engaged people and which did not. Try to find trends in the type of content your social community reacts to, and pay attention to the time of day your posts are acquiring the most reach and views. Remember to track back any links you post on your social network to see if your content is driving traffic back to your site. Most importantly, be creative, experiment, and have fun with your social tools. It’s your best way of communicating your brand and company goals in real-time.


Tanya Hage Coburn

Communications Coordinator

Sharp Insurance

[email protected]